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Welcome to the website for the "Circa Universe". It is the tale of humanity across two thousand years of future human history. The development of society, culture, technology and of course, the many wars from now and to the year 4000 is the Circa Universe. It is a grand and vast universe built upon many cultures and many more stories woven together. Take a look to the many time periods and grand adventures humanity takes. Some may be great deeds, others foul acts of injustice. It all depends on your interpretation.

The Circa Universe is under constant development. This is an open art project. Anybody can do anything for this universe. Just submit it to me at Email ultra_punk[at], or submit your comments.. opinions etc!

As a new thing, I am going to start taking note of when I do some updates so that you know where to look for new stuff and the site doesn't appear to be dead.

March 21, 2008

Changed the technology for 3400, rather than anti-gravity bombs, it is strangelet-salted negative matter warheads

Sept 29, 2007

Filled in the history of the Growar for 3100-3400

Sept 29, 2007

Changed the beginning of Circa 2400 to include information about the elminiation of national militias as one of the motives behind the genocide

June 25, 2007

Added the War of 2250 to Circa 2300. It contains a timeline to describe the conflict between Canada and USA in 2250-2252.

December 26, 2006

Reworked the Circa 2700 description to include more detail. Fixed the Auxillary information to match the period's racism, changing the "fact" that Tetrahedron Empire is made of a human subspecies to it being a false claim.

December 24, 2006

Adding new technology descriptions for Circa 2700 Alliance and Circa 2700 Empire.
Added more detail to the Phoenix Run in Circa 2800

The Circa Universe by Alex Wong. Sketches by Alex Wong or indicated artists. Dont steal my shit.

I'm confident there are copyrights here and every right is reserved.