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Circa 2150

The Period Overview

Genosian War ("Eugenics Crisis" or "First Eugenics War")

At a time when American influence in the Middle East had recently dropped from its height, Libyan-Egyptian relations began to deteriorate. Disputes over land, economics and other prickly political issues began to dominate the two sides. They had, over the time that Americans had began the instalment of 'democratic' regimes in the region become incredibly powerful, and as such began a more arrogant foreign policy toward their neighbours.

In secret, the two nations purchased arms from American defence contractors, most notably the newly emerging and highly illegal 'super soldiers'. During this timeframe, only the Genosian model was available for purchase and it amounted to selling human life as a military commodity. Some had termed these people 'corporate soldiers'.

Circa 2150, Egypt began an offensive campaign against Libya. The war began in a major Egyptian land campaign toward Tripoli. Egyptians used fast armour units and aircraft in a blitzkrieg style assault that brought their control straight to Tripoli in a matter of days. Egyptian super soldiers hidden amongst their forces easily overran the conventional Libyan army.

All of the Libyan super soldiers were hidden inside Tripoli but both sides had to keep the use of super soldiers secret, lest the United Nations rear its ugly head. The war had been quick in its development, but American influence in the region kept media sources and international pressures largely out of the picture. The United States hoped it could maintain peace in the region.

Libya began its counterattack as Egyptian forces began to lay siege to Tripoli. Finding the Egyptian forces without anti-aircraft guns, the entire Libyan aerial force was mobilized against the Egyptian supply lines. In a string of major successes, much of the Egyptian army was cut off from reinforcements and resources.

During the night, Libya slipped out its Genosian soldiers and used them to further disrupt Egyptian supply lines. In effect, they forced the retreat of the Egyptian army and saved Tripoli from a devastating siege. As both sides moved the fighting back to the border of the two countries, a long drawn out war began.

Within a year of warfare millions of people had been displaced. The United Nations began to react but American veto power blocked most resolutions. Soon, the United Nations circumvented the United States via the General Assembly. A peacekeeping force was sent to set up refugee camps but stayed largely out of the conflict. Soon enough, media flocked to the region and in some embarrassing video footage caught sight of super soldiers.

Video footage caught one man holding a rocket-propelled grenade launcher in each hand jumping over a four foot wall. After subsequently destroying a jeep and firing his second rocket at some infantry, he took a bullet in the chest without flinching. In an almost movie like fashion, he ran up to the soldiers and twisted their rifles before sending them running. The footage was almost immediately disputed but it was made by a reputable journalist in an internationally recognized news network.

At this point the United Nations called for immediate sanctions against the two nations and an international coalition force to stop the war. The United States finally agreed to allow international influence to enter the region under the flag of an American-led peacekeeping force. The United States, with the help of thousands of soldiers on the ground managed to enforce a ceasefire and began peace negotiations between the two sides.

The embarrassing case of American super soldiers in the conflict was kept largely quiet but it had far reaching political consequences for the United States. They were seen as one of the factors leading up to the conflict and one of the impediments to the peace process. However, the United States stepped ahead with enforcing the truce and committing the two sides to reconciliation.

Over a million people died in the terrible conflict, which involved air forces and large infantry assaults. The sights of the first Eugenics War, as it was known, were not forgotten quickly. Many spoke about super soldiers who would break into your house at night and kill you. Millions across the world feared what new era of warfare had come about.

Auxillary Information

During the conflict and in the following century, several countries developed more advanced super soldiers for different purposes. After the Genosian War, Libya developed the Spawn model and in response Egypt created the Panther model. Other major powers also developed new super soldiers. United States created the Viper. France developed the Thorn. China built the Sword.

The Genosian war was an upset in American control of the Middle East and gave rise to the idea that the Americans were not totally in power anymore. The inability of the United States to keep the peace between nations thought to be under their direct influence gave rise and credibility to insurgent and terrorist groups seeking new recruits. It would later become a series of large eruptions of terrorist attacks and finally in 2173, the beginning of the Middle East wars that brought an end to the Pax Americana, and also to much of the American 'empire'.

Super Soldier Models


The Spawn, developed by Libya in the later 22nd century was the first dive into cybernetic enhancements. They have genetic enhancements to improve vision, dexterity and immunity to most venoms and poisons. They have poison in their blood. Cybernetic enhancements allow them to spit acid from the mouth.


Genosians, developed by the United States, were sold to Libya and Egypt secretly. They are the first type of soldiers, although have been constantly upgraded after each generation of soldiers. They have genetic enhancements for increased strength, regenerative abilities and immunities against chemical and biological weapons.


The Vipers, developed by the United States, saw the major use of nanotechnology and cybernetic enhancements. Nanobots are incorporated into the bloodstream to improve regenerative abilities and immunities. Vipers are genetically modified for enhanced dexterity, vision, and decreased trauma effects.


Thorns, developed by France, are noted for their increased body height and muscle size. They are genetically modified for a dramatic increase in strength and highly improved immune system. Their body is able to withstand large hormonal and other body chemical changes, allowing them to have large adrenal surges and the like to improve their physical prowess during battle.


China developed the super soldiers codenamed Swords. Swords have a layer of cybernetic fibres embedded into their skin allowing them to camouflage themselves as well as close wounds nearly instantaneously. They are genetically enhanced for ultra fast regenerative abilities, even able to regenerate loss limbs. Their hand-eye coordination and dexterity have been improved greatly making them amazing covert operations agents.


In response with the development of more powerful super soldiers by Libya, Egypt furthered their own weapons development programs with the Panther. The Panther was developed mainly for night combat missions. They are genetically enabled to go without sleep for longer periods, less affected by fatigue, and improved cell efficiency with using glucose. Their eyes have cybernetic implants to allow infrared, UV or light amplified vision. They also have improved muscles through genetic and cybernetic manipulation for increased dexterity.

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