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Circa 2300

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Determination Revolts

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Excerpt from Sun Tzu's Art of War:

"Thus the highest form of generalship is to balk the enemy's plans;
the next best is to prevent the junction of the enemy's forces;
the next in order is to attack the enemy's army in the field;
and the worst policy of all is to besiege walled cities."

The beginning of the 24th century was marked by a global downturn of the economy. South America, which depended heavily on the export of primary goods, was especially hurt. A general outcry for economic reform and industrial restructuring was met by apathy in the United Earth Regime. A strict set of laws left them without legal power to enact any changes. However, it began to fuel a serious feeling of resentment amongst the South American populace.

Violent protests began in Argentina led by a popular figure Santiago. Eventually, she led a resistance group that burned down a United Earth Regime embassy. When World Police forces in the region were ordered to arrest the figure, over 90% of the police forces disbanded simultaneously. They took up an armed revolt against the government infrastructure. The loyal police forces were easily overrun. Argentina declared independence and began a series of socialist reforms.

Almost immediately the United Earth Regime reacted against the Santiago figure with both a media campaign and a military campaign. Thousands of soldiers were sent into Argentina to secure the key cities. In the first few days, the soldiers moved without much incident through the cities and began to retake political control of the region.

Santiago urged the people of Argentina to continue the illegal economic reforms, but she was met by military forces arresting individuals. On a day known as self determination day, the terrorist groups sent out notices to every individual in Argentina to rise up against the United Earth forces. At first minor conflicts broke out before the major cities revolted in mass numbers.

As the cities began general revolts, the local commander ordered a bombing campaign against the people. Innumerable ordinance was unleashed upon Argentina devastating the cities, killing tens of thousands. In a major counter reaction a general armed revolt took place across the nation and a massive war exploded.

Soon, local nations sent arms to assist the "self determination" forces against the United Earth military. The action prompted the United Earth to impose heavy sanctions and military presence in the nations. The action instigated the rebellious feelings and the war began to spread outward until it even reached Colombia.

The embroiled conflict left thousands dying daily in a terrible war seeing stealth drone aircraft, armoured strike tanks and heavily armed infantry fighting against rag tag militia armed with low tech energy and ballistic weapons. Lightning cannons destroyed whole buildings, while magnetic propulsion machine guns gunned down people wholesale and EMP bombs destroyed whole pieces of infrastructure.

Rebel forces moved into the jungles after three and a half years of conflict and the millions of deaths took its painful toll. The self determination militia units were losing and Santiago could barely hold on control to her forces. The strength of the military was too strong and the rest of the world ignored the plight of the region.

In a final key battle, Santiago assaulted United Nations forces, storming them in a surprise attack from her jungle position. As they rushed forward, gunships and strike tanks tore apart her unit. Hundreds died within seconds but Santiago kept pushing forward. During her last moments alive, she kept charging forward, using her magnet propelled grenade launcher to destroy tanks before finally a strike tank fired its lightning cannon into the ground under her feet.

The rebellion left millions dead mostly from starvation and disease. Soon after its end and the media splash of the horrors of the war spread throughout the world, the United Earth leader stepped down. Major reforms took place to replace the corrupted bureaucracy and sweeping law changes gave nations high levels of autonomy.

Auxillary Information

The violence saw the first major use of energy weapons and high power energy bombs. Entire cities were turned to rubble as rebel forces engaged the United Earth Regime military. The escalation of violence had become so terrible that major political figures forced the step down of the World Leader. Soon after, the United Earth Regime granted all nations increased powers to solve local problems, and reasserted its legitimacy through a restructuring of the corrupted bureaucracy.

Background Concerning the Conquering of Earth:

Early in the 22nd century, Norway settled Bouvet Island after the discovery of oil. Some time before the 23rd century, an inhabitant of the island, Erik Jensen, influenced the American administration through bribery to purchase the island from Norway. Now, considered a natural born citizen post facto, he eventually ran for Presidency in the United States. He became president after the Supreme Court ruled favourably during an election recount.

It had been some years since the end of Pax Americana.[1] Erik Jensen moved to improve his domestic image as a decisive leader by seeking to improve conditions in South America. In order to establish American dominance and "economic stability", he moved to annex key nations in South America starting with Mexico. Although the countries initially refused, American directives moved ahead to build things such as schools, churches and basic infrastructure.

Military action was limited against the South American nations, and due to American influence, the United Nations did nothing. The United States eventually gained complete influence over South America, and Erik Jensen kept his image as a man of the people by mass rebuilding of structures.

Soon after, Erik Jensen moved American military units into central Africa to take over key nations in the same manner. Again the United Nations did nothing to stop him. As Erik Jensen was rebuilding American dominance to the height of Pax Americana, he sent CIA operatives to destabilize the European Union and Russia. Agents acted to undermine relations and increase general unrest and terrorism.

After easily winning his second term on foreign issues, Erik Jensen moved ahead in destabilizing world order through mass subterfuge. Increasing world wide terrorism, he sparked major conflicts across the Middle East that spread into Turkey and soon drew in European powers.

In the time of conflict, Erik Jensen moved to dramatically improve relations through trade with China and India. Within a short amount of time, as war entered Kazakhstan with its neighbours, Erik secured a military alliance with both China and India known as the East Alliance. Pushing the world conflicts further, Erik caused his alliance to enter into war near the end of his second term.

The combined armed forces of China, India and United States swept through the Middle East. Carefully planned incidents during the war brought China and India into conflict with Europe. United States remained neutral, but secretly supplied weapons to both sides of the conflict. In the three year war that followed the East Alliance and NATO forces devastated Europe and Asia.

In a kind of Marshall Plan, Erik Jensen moved to provide massive economic aid to Europe but the terms of the agreement meant serious and permanent American influence in European political affairs. Due to the state of Europe they agreed after much hesitation. Erik Jensen provided the same deal with China and India but they did not readily accept. Using more subterfuge, Erik pushed the East Alliance into war with Russia but it was quickly ended by the United States. Afterwards, the East Alliance allowed the United States to commit reconstruction in the region.

In a final push for world domination, United States asked Canada and Australia to submit their governments to the United States. Although the decision shocked many foreign populations, domestically the Americans were in majority favour. Soon enough, Erik Jensen had to send military units to invade the two nations. The bloody conflicts that followed left Canada and Australia ruined. Although America had taken heavy casualties, Erik kept the United States politically focused.

It appeared a critical mistake for Erik Jensen but soon afterwards he moved to form the United Earth Regime. All nations were to be subject to this world body. The United Nations was dissolved. Erik Jensen wrote the International Criminal Code and invented the concept of the World Police. The idea was proposed to all other nations as a method to rebuild the entire planet.

Most of the world accepted the authority of the United Earth Regime due to their ruined state. Several years after its inception, Erik Jensen was assassinated in Pakistan. However, in the decades that followed, the United Earth Regime asserted its authority over all nations and included all states.

Erik Jensen was considered a man of compassion and care in his time. Many mourned his death.

[1] In this point in history, it was not known as Pax Americana. It would take some years before that period of time was named as such by historians.

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