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Circa 2400

The Period Overview

The Slohuman Purge

Excerpt from the International Criminal Code of Earth:

850. In this part,
the term "Slohuman" means to describe any person who augments their body with some form of biological, cybernetic or otherwise inhuman modification

851. "Any person who wilfully conducts genetic, cybernetic or otherwise inhuman augmentation to their body is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for life"

(a) "Any person who discovers augmentation as described in section 851 done to their body even without consent and does not take appropriate steps to remove such augmentation is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for life"

(b) "Any person who commits to a relationship with a slohuman is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to a minimum punishment of imprisonment for a term of fifteen years"


In the 25th century, fear from the first Augmented War between Egypt and Libya still lingered. Without warning, talks of disarmament in Iraq and Syria crumbled and a second Augmented War exploded across the ancient lands of Babylon. Hundreds of lives were lost before United Earth Regime forces were able to quell the violence. A scant few years afterwards the third Augmented War came from an internal military led coup d’etat in Cote D’Ivoire. Three hundred thousand lay dead before the United Earth Regime quashed the rebellion.

Political entities known as the humanists and extremist religious groups sought power in the government by denouncing these wars as a result of genetic engineering and cybernetic tampering with the "pure" human. Others in the United Earth Regime saw the opportunity to centralize power by siding with these political forces. Under this paradigm shift, laws were enacted that that made all individuals who were altered to be named Slohumans and to be punished by life imprisonment.

The greatest threat to the power of the United Earth Regime was a loophole in its international law banning national militaries. It did little to make national militias illegal. Since its inception many member nations simply refused to give up command of its entire military due to past hatreds or wars. Nations, such as Canada, France and Russia did not give up their entire military and instead formed militias. The laws banning Slohumans gave the United Earth Regime the perfect excuse to arrest all militia forces.

A polygynous family in Southern Ontario in the province of Canada was to be arrested at night by a World Police SWAT team. The family included a human husband and two super soldier wives that were former Canadian Militia units. However, when the police entered the house in a raid-style entrance, the two wives picked up illegal weapons they kept inside the home and eradicated the police force. Media portrayed the family as evil renegades committing horrendous acts following the deaths of over three dozen police officers. It was one of the worst police losses of the time.

The family of three became fugitives as they ran into hiding. They began their journey in Southern Ontario before hiding in New York State for some months. Eventually, police discovered their whereabouts and forced them into further running. The family did not stop as they moved to Mexico and then to France before finally finding a hidden location in Germany to spend the rest of their lives.

During their journey, they uncovered the police imprisonment of Slohumans had become highly illegal in the breach of human rights. Slohumans were being forced into concentration camps. The media had uncovered the practice as they followed the family's retreat across the world. Upon hearing the news slohumans across the world began resisting arrest. It started a chain of riots that later became full civil revolts. People who were treated for simple diseases such as diabetes suddenly were thrust into a combat situation to fight for their lives.

The concentration camps turned to death camps as the civil revolts erupted and the government feared the action of the incarcerated individuals. Their actions only proved to instigate further negative public opinion and massive revolts. After several years of fighting, military units sacked the government and forced the resignation of the entire administration. Fighting began to calm down as new elections were put forward and the court began to repeal the "unconstitutional" laws that had been enacted. Unfortunately by this point Earth's worst genocide had already been done. Over 750 million slohumans had perished along with ten million world police officers.

Auxillary Information

It was a painful time for Slohumans under the prosecution, and nearly a decade after the United Earth Regime had came short of calling the act genocide. Still, even after the laws were repealed alterations to the human body were frowned upon and the anti-slohuman sentiment remained strong in many regions.

The three slohumans were only called heroes for human rights, but many of the same groups that had pushed for the laws still viewed them as villains as late as the 26th century. Historians had remained divided on the issue of human alteration for a many centuries afterward.

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