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Plasma-Core Energy

Plasma is created using low heat specific capacity gas. The plasma is heated by secondary means and thus the plasma itself is merely energy storage not production. When the energy is to be turned back into useful power, it is run through thermovoltaic cells.

Plasma energy is solely used by the military because a breach is too large a fire hazard for civil purposes. Ships with a plasma core breach suffer the effects of high temperature gases. Fail-safe devices, such as venting systems are normally installed on larger capital size ships but not small fighter craft.

Solar Focusing Power

Solar focusing utilizes a large magnetic field to direct solar winds (radiation from the sun) into large foils of photovoltaic cells. The sheer volume of radiation impacting the foils creates a large amount of energy. Some of the energy is used to keep the power generating station stationary against the force of impact.

Directed beams of radiation, usually laser, is used to direct the energy via a series of relay stations back to the urban locations that require the energy. The process is automated by computers, and auto correction devices. Micro engines are installed on all stations to maintain a relatively stationary orbit to the end user of the energy.

FTL Communications

Developing a way to continue a quantum entanglement after testing the state of a particle, information can be transferred via superluminal velocity (at this time referred to as FTL). A particle is tested until the desired state is achieved, a second particle in the hands of the receiver is tested at the appointed times to check the state. The state is either a -1/2 spin or +1/2 spin, corresponding to a binary 0 or 1. This will allow binary communication. The speed of transmission is stated in tests per second, meaning the number of bits communicated per second. There is unfortunately some non-perfect error rate.

Military Technology

Although it was a loose Federation of many different systems, the different worlds generally used the same technology if not the exact same specifications.


Machineguns were placed into two classes, stasis-cooled machineguns and electron flood cooled machineguns. These two machineguns were based on the same age-old concept of launching high speed projectiles in order to inflict damage. The weapons were in heavy use during the First and Second Slip War, as well as by the Core AI forces by the Centrileus military against the Federation.

The machineguns fired at rates upwards to 5000 rounds per minute. At these speeds, even a magnetic launch tube heated up very quickly. Stasis cooled machineguns used electromagnetic fields to reduce molecular vibration and thus restrict heat growth. Electron flood cooled machineguns flooded the electrically conductive metallic barrels with low energy electrons. The low energy electrons would gain energy from collisions against the high energy electrons in the heated metal. The now high energy electrons would then be vented from the system, transferring a large amount of heat into the surrounding environment.

The power of the 28th century machinegun can be respected by a simple calculation in the kinetic energy of the bullets released. At a firing rate of 4000 rounds per minute (1000 rounds per clip, each clip has a mass of 100 g), and an average projectile speed of mach 9 (2907 m/s), the total kinetic energy (by classical physics, e = ½ mv^2) would be 1 690 130 joules.

Omega Explosives

In the early 2700s, the Earth Alliance began to use bio-toxin compounds to enhance the chemical explosives in use. These came to be called the omega-class chemical explosives. They were far more damaging than chemical explosives, allowing ammunition sizes to be reduced and improving the effect of frag shells used in space warfare.

Curvature Pulse

Using some kind of mass-projection, the curvature of local space-time is immediately affected at a FTL rate. A sensitive laser interferometer will be able to detect the minute disturbances caused by the pulse and indicate position of masses and the amount of mass. It can glean no more information than this. This is the only FTL speed scanner, and using it is known as doing an "FTL ping".

Active Gamma-Ray burst

Works like a radar except uses gamma rays instead of radio waves for the extra penetrative power. This allows it to scan deeper and into areas radio waves cannot reach. This is a sublight speed scanner.


Standard radar just in case gamma-ray burst fails for some reason.

Passive Image Recognition Telescope

This is basically a robot looking into space with a telescope, looking for anything that appears to be an object of "interest". It does nothing more than image recognition. This is a sublight speed scanner.


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