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Tetrahedron Empire


After the 29th century, the Tetrahedrons maintained peaceful relations with the Federation. Expansion of the Empire through peaceful exploration was far more effective than war with an established regime. The Exploration Accords gave the Tetrahedron new reigning Pharaoh a perfect method of glorifying his name through cheap Empire building.

Civil Technology

Pandoran Reactors

The first to employ conversion as energy was the Federation, but the first to develop conversion technology was the Tetrahedrons. After the Tetrahedron war was over and chance of major hostilities waned, the Empire began to employ Pandoran technology for civilian purposes. While the principle of the technology remained the same, Pandoran reactors were designed somewhat differently. They employed different safety precautions and fail safes.

Military Technology

Pandoran Bombs

Although rumours hinted of the development of the Pandoran bomb in the early 28th century, it was not until the 29th century that the Pandoran technology was perfected. The Pandoran technology was based on the principle that matter was simply a concentration of energy. They would destabilize certain quantum aspects of matter to cause a chain reaction that results in a massive release of energy as matter dissipated. This was a relatively uncontrolled release of energy, resulting in heat, light and radiation. The equivalent in the early Federation was the Coldor process of subatomic fission.

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