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Civil Technology

Einstein-Coldor Conversion Reactors

A conversion reactor seeks to turn matter into pure energy by completely destroying the atomic structure. Small amounts of matter are turned into a large amount of energy. Utilizing Einstein's concept that matter is tightly packed energy, a physicist by the name of Coldor devised a process that causes fission at the subatomic level. The amount of energy released is far greater than that of conventional nuclear fission.

Military Technology

Plasma Guns

Plasma guns came into use during the mid 28th century, when super durable and super dielectric materials were invented. The poor electrical conductors lost heat at very small rates, opening a cheap and easy way to store super heated gases. This allowed plasma guns a method of storing ammunition into easily handled clips.

The plasma was heated to several thousand Kelvin, placed into a container and then fired from a magnetic vent rifle. Weapon ranges remained low throughout its use, but the plasma was able to engulf entire rooms once released. This made it a devastating weapon against any fortified position in an urban environment.

A pellet containing a magnetic field about it would be projected from the rifle. The magnetic field contained the electrically charged super heated gas until it struck a target. Using gases with a specific heat capacity of only 50 joules per g per degree (gas is held within a constant volume), a single pellet would have roughly 1 gram of gas at 100 000 Kelvin, giving an approximate (without considering latent heat) total thermal energy of 5 000 000 joules.

Conversion Beams

Around the mid 2800s, developments into new small supercapacitor batteries allowed the military to field high-energy consuming conversion beams. A conversion beam rifle, also simply called a beam weapon, causes subatomic fission where the beam is directed. This causes a large amount of energy to be released even if the rate of fission is very low.

A single gram of mass being converted becomes, by Einstein's equation E = mc^2, a massive 30 000 000 000 000 (3 x 10^13) joules. A single shot of the beam would never come close to converting even a single gram of mass.

Anti-Matter Bombs

The possible production of anti-matter began in the early 29th century. Storage devices were developed that could hold anti-matter indefinitely, and so any method of production that yielded antimatter became militaristically useful, if not commercially useful. Production rates were still slow, expensive and awkward.

The only use for anti-matter, due to its small production capacity was as a strategic weapon. Anti-matter was stored into large containers that could be breached on command. A single kg of anti-matter would become 60 000 000 000 000 000 (6 x 10^16) joules (using E = mc^2). Typically, an anti-matter bomb would hold more than a kilogram.

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