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Circa 3050

The Period Overview

Growar Emergence

Spreading even into 31st century, the Federation continued its doctrine of mass exploration and expansion. The Exploration Accords drove them from the 3rd quadrant and into the 2nd quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy. In the first colonization attempt, the Federation landed twelve separate establishments in a strangely close pack of hospitable solar systems.

The Federation had not realized the worlds had been previously terraformed and colonized by the as of yet undiscovered Growar. These people, although mistaken for aliens at first, were subterranean dwellers. Their underground existence hid them from immediate view.

The Growar were incredibly fearful of the newcomers and in their xenophobia ordered military strikes against the quickly burgeoning Federal colonies. Hundreds of Growar fear infantry struck the colonies quickly at night and destroyed them instantaneously. The dead numbered in the thousands. The Federation would not even discover the attack until they investigated the odd lack of contact by the colonists.

The incident caused an immediate flurry of diplomatic blame between the Federation and the Tetrahedron Empire. The Pharaoh offered military assistance in investigating the destroyed colonies, and the Federation accepted not wishing to damage the potential trade relationship that had grown over the past few decades. The military units eventually discovered the Growar.

Amongst the ruins of the twelve colonies, the Federation launched an all out assault on the Growar subterranean worlds. The entire might of the Federation military was mustered into the single region of space. The insect like appearance, the false belief of aliens and subterranean world gave the Federation military harsh fighting conditions and low morale. Although bloody, the Federation still managed a resounding victory and torched the Growar colonies.

Auxillary Information

It was soon discovered the Growar were almost as human as Federal humans. While this quashed the idea of aliens, it still stirred a mass refit of the entire Federation military. It is cited as one of the primary arguments for the legalization of cybernetic infantry forces and sentient AI starships.

Human Colonization:

As time passed and peace was assured between the Human Federation and the Tetrahedran Empire the two peoples began expanding through further colonization. It was assumed that no more colonies survived, since they had not been discovered at this point. The Growar changed the situation and created a source for new pre-established colonies for the Federation. Even if peaceful incorporation of the colonies failed, it created an external threat to bring the Tetrahedrons closer to the Federation.

The Militarization of the Federation

After the conflict with the Growar, there came a sharp rise in military spending in the Federaiton. Later, when it became legal to use augmented soldiers it became common practice to use genetic modification and cybernetic enhancement for military units. Major strides in sentient AI gave rise to sentient spacecraft. The Growar Emergence conflict is cited to be major immediate causes of the sudden militarization of the Federation. The Federation standing army grew to enormous size.

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