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Circa 3100

The Period Overview

General Map

The map displays the relative locations of the major political powers in the 3100 time period. The Gold Systems represent the national capitals of the Federation, Empire and Publica. The Grey System represents the AI capital of the Federation. The Brown system indicates the general location of the hub of Growar activity. Note, the Growar do not officially belong to any nation so they have no capital.

Human Supremacy

At the turn of the 32nd century, the Federation built a military alliance with the Tetrahedrons. The intergalactic government of the Federation finally released month old information that they had discovered the Growar spanned at least two dozen more systems, perhaps more. The Federal Senate voted overwhelmingly in support of war and the Federation, along with the newly allied Empire, sent space fleets into Growar territory.

The first month of the conflict saw a good measure of success. Military forces met little opposition and were able to secure over a dozen Growar systems. As the war progressed, enemy forces became more numerous and the systems were more populated. It was soon discovered the Growar inhabited not simply a dozen more systems but hundreds more. The Federation military became wary of a prolonged conflict but kept moving military forces deeper into Growar space.

During the war, the so-called Erials emerged from the 1st quadrant of the galaxy in Tetrahedron space. The Erials were all humans who lived in the 1st quadrant of the galaxy, and there were actually multiple nations that existed in the region. The Tetrahedron Empire entered into war with one of the minor states in the region. Pre-existing military and economic treaties pushed the most powerful state in the region, the Publica (or Dictum Republic) to assist the state militaristically.

The Empire pulled its military forces from assisting the Federation to reinforce its front with the 1st quadrant. This left the Federation campaign in serious jeopardy and the advancement came to a halt. It was worsened when Federation scouts reported possibly millions of enemy infantry units on enemy planets.

In a bold move, the Federation reinforced its military with a large number of new volunteers, delaying the advancement for several months. With a single amphibious assault, the Federation landed its entire expeditionary forces across every Growar colony in a simultaneous assault. The attack shut down the Growar national infrastructure, but however, it was not a focused assault capable of devastating the Growar military forces. Instead, the Federation used nuclear squads, elite units of the best Federation infantry, to enter Growar cities to destroy them using nuclear explosives.

Within the space of a few years, the Growar population was decimated to only a fraction of its former self. Lacking military resources and a civilian base, the Growar surrendered to the Federation. The politicians in the Federation Senate decided to send teams of anthropologists to best decide how to administrate the occupation zone. However, the teams of scientists were directed that the Federation explicitly wanted material gain from the conquest of the lands.

The Tetrahedrons war with the Publica during those years had been largely a stalemate. Once, the Federation gained victory in Growar lands, they turned their massive military engine against the Erials. The sudden influx of millions of fresh armed forces against the Erial states initially cost them the entire frontline. Worlds fell quickly but they again slowed to a stalemate.

The well structured Publica had a much larger military capacity than did most of the Growar worlds combined. The conflict dragged on and eventually would become what is known as the Fifty Years War. Every day that passed, a hundred thousand would die on heavily contested worlds. During the last five years, the Federation instituted conditional conscription amongst its members. Each Federation member system voted on adopting conscription but only those that adopted conscription laws would have need to enact them.

Larger number of forces, and larger resource base eventually gave the Federation and the Empire victory in the region. Erial planets slipped under Federal control one by one, until entire states fell to Allied Forces, those of the Federation and Empire. The Publica staged a final battle for its survival, bringing every single cohesive military unit to the final Publica world.

In the initial space battle, the Publica space fleets handed the Federation a sound defeat. However, within the week, an Imperial fleet devastated and routed the Republican forces. A blitzkrieg style land campaign across the major continents on the planet earned the Federation control of most of the world.

The Publica decided to position all of its remaining soldiers at the capital city and used the new technology of energy based shielding to defend them against nuclear barrages. In the country side around the urban centre, the Publica allies, barbarian forces, kept as many Federal units pinned in combat as possible. Still, several million Federation troops waited to assault the capital city. The Federation commander sent the troops in sets of infantry waves, firing a single nuclear barrage each. Every nuclear barrage was blocked the energy shielding, but the returning nuclear volley would destroy the entire line of Federation soldiers. They had no such shielding technology. Every wave was sent in the same manner, until the Publica shields failed. The Last Battle ended with the Publica infantry forces rushing into melee combat with Federation forces. By the end, over three million dead bodies littered the battlefield.

This was considered the last real battle of the Fifty Years War, and the Federation declared the Human Supremacy. In effect, the Federation ruled the galaxy.

Auxillary Information

Growar Warlord Occupation System

The anthropologist teams sent to study the Growar discovered a highly different system compared to the Federation. The first and foremost difference was the lack of an actual state. While, it could be considered a state because villages across worlds were interconnected by political ties, never warred amongst each other and were composed of generally the same culture, there was no Growar that could state a name for their country. The anthropologists decided it may be best to split each planet into regions no larger than a few villages, in order to monitor the situation.

The Federation government used the report to split the Growar worlds into different regions. However, they wish to gain items of material value from the highly communist Growar. Each region was then led by a Regional Commander, later to be unofficially known as Warlords. The local people were taxed, and non-augmented Federation military units were stationed to ensure the taxes were properly paid. The anthropologists were highly angered by the acts, but none were able to affect the government in any manner.

Erial Tax Occupation System

Each Erial state was set up to be an autonomic province within the Federation. These political bodies differed greatly from the one world, one member system the Federation used in the 3rd quadrant. These multi world powers held only as much power as another member in the Federation senate. The governments also lacked any sort of sustained legitimacy with the people they governed.

Rebellions were common, the most poignant were the Great Jihads by the newly formed Theocracium in the later 32nd century. In order to maintain any sort of order, the Federation usually resorted to restoring power to the former states but levying a tax. The taxes were meant to ensure a Federal dominance in the galaxy, either in economics or by military.

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