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Circa 3400

The Period Overview

The Great Split (Human's Fall)

"There is nothing immoral when done in defence of the Thousand Cultures," Ex-Federate Commander, ordering bio-hybrids against all Federation craft found within Growar territory.

Dust Settles from the 3100 Wars

In the early years of the 35th century, the Federation had sought to dominate the galaxy under the pretext of spreading idealism to other worlds. It had for all intents and purposes direct control over the entire galaxy save for its ally the Tetrahedron Empire and the fringe planets of the so-called Rim Worlds. The war with the Growar bordered genocide and the long devastating battle with the Publica in the Fifty Years war brought a deep feeling of resentment even when it finally ended. Still, the Federation reorganized the galactic political makeup to suit its needs.

The Growar worlds had become absorbed into the Federation, keeping a semblance of its previous power structure. Previously ruling with a fair, just and communist hand, the Tri-State was abolished and in its place was the neutrally termed Federation Administration. The administrators were spread to each separate Growar world to rule in a manner that befit the situation with little guidance. It only mattered that the military cities and starships controlled at one point by the Tri-State was now under Federation influence.

Elsewhere on the Erial worlds, the Federation felt it only invited rebellion and disaster if they were to fly the Federation flag over the planets. Instead, they opted to create Vassal states from the Erial planets, taxing them for being under the "protection and guidance" of the Federation. Overall the situation on these planets, aside from the historical resentment from the Fifty Years war, was far better than the Growar planets.

Although utterly destroyed, the state of the Publica had left shattered remnants that retreated to different parts of the galaxy. The most prominent piece was the Theocracium, established on the Rim Worlds to become a great thorn in the side of the Federation for the next three centuries. As early as the 36th century, the Theocracium managed to gain through religious influence a proclaimation of a crusade/jihad (depending on translation) against the Federation to regain control of Holy Porta.

The Rise of the Theocracium

In its first campaign, the forces of the Theocracium supported by a rebellion by various factions achieved great success and pushing out the meagre Federation garrison. The combined force was able to defeat a hastily assembled fleet at the planet of Porta. The strike had gained them over a dozen systems. Without any reinforcements in range for weeks, the Federation opted for a ceasefire, signing a treaty that gave the worlds taken to the Theocracium. It was a blow to the ruling Federation that would not be forgotten.

Following those tumultuous years, the Federation grew in prosperity, art and science. Many Growar societies previously locked in primitive technological ages because the prior Tri-State government carried a non-technological-interference policy now flew forward in development. Systems such as the Tau Ceti felt they would provide a great market base by progressively increasing their technological base. Others such as Alpha Centauri worried that they were defenceless against enemies such as the Theocracium and sought to build Growar-based militaries. The capital of the Federation, Earth, continued the non-technological-interfence policy of the Tri-State on as many worlds as possible to keep friction to a minimum.

As crusades came at least once a decade from the Theocracium, certain elements of the Federation began to take a more aggressive tone. In secret they develop complex weapons programmes in the Growar worlds under specially selected Administrators, who at this point were nicknamed warlords, to develop powerful militaries with which to eventually counter the Theocracium. In public they mounted enough support to assemble militaries upon the Erial planets. They also forwarded tough policies against rebellion, usually suppressing them using space fleets and the highly infamous tactic of orbital precision targetting.

Eventually, after a particularly devastating rebellion, the Federation hard liners were able to win some political victories and moved forward with assembling an attack fleet against the Theocracium. Resources were relatively limitless within the Federation in comparison with the Theocracium but the citizens were unwilling to go to war over deaths in the Vassal states. There was already a general degree of dissatisfaction with having to place garrison troops in the galactic quandrant.

As the Federation prepared for war the Theocracium had started to become regressive with its overly zealous religious leadership. Most were convinced that in the defence of Holy Porta, the Gods would protect them and assure them victory. Technological development had been stifled and fundamentalism led to a lopsided power structure. When a sudden strike by a Federation fleet collapsed Porta's solar system defence network, their morale was dealt a severe blow. In a long battle, the Theocracium was forced to abandon the system. After this the Federation Hardliners felt they victorious and ended the war.

Publica Remnant Ends Isolationism

After the victory at Holy Porta, the Federation felt the Theocracium's crusades as unimportant. The crusade/jihads never again were able to penetrate Federation defences. However, in secret, the Publica Remnant, a group of survivors from the Publica living on worlds classified as destroyed during the 3100 wars ended its isolationism and revealed themselves to the Theocracium. Unlike their counterparts, they had built a secular republican society, creating a representative society. They offered to trade weapon technology with the Theocracium for a continuous and secret supply of resources.

Unknown to the Publica Remnant, the Theocracium constructed twelve super powerful artificially stabilized negatively charge strangelet bombs warheads with the amassed amount of purchased negative matter. They snuck these through the lax security of the Vassal states and through rebel hands. Eventually they were able to fit one on twelve ships each orbiting a different planet, including Earth. Simultaneously, they detonated, tearing apart gravity and spacetime. The resulting explosions were so devastating each planet was rendered unhabitable within seconds, killing over a hundred billion citizens. The gravity distortions continued to erupt across the surface of the worlds and would continue for centuries.

A crusading fleet destroyed a Federation interdictor protecting its borders during the confusion and managed to hyperspace to Sol system and Lye system, deep in Federation territory. With Earth's surface already destroyed and most of the orbiting stations ruined, the Theocracium Crusaders struck at Mars with little success. The crusaders who managed to breach Lye system met no resistance as the paradise world had no military to speak of. The Theocracium forces fired nuclear warheads into the orbiting resort hotels and then began to bombard the surface with all available weaponry. For a week straight, Theocracium infantry scoured the surface killing everyone, inflicting over ten million deaths, most of the population of Lye. Tau Ceti reinforcements finally arrived days late, destroying the crusaders with its Silicore Orbital Infantry in seconds. The infantry were left behind to protect what little survivors were left. Later in the war, these infantry would be abandonned by the failing Federation to become the stealthy wraiths of Lye society, protecting them from harm but always moving unseen.

The attack was devastating, destroying a multitude of people, economy and history. The Federation felt it had no choice but to immediately declare war and charge a fleet into the heart of the Rim Worlds to deal a final lethal blow to the Theocracium. Unable to finance the war easily from the main Federation systems after the cataclysmic attack, the government decided to tax the Growar systems for the wealth necessary. Whatever assembled ships would fly through Growar space and strike at the Theocracium from its galactic west flank.

Unfortunately, the devastation wrough by the Theocracium was a sign as an open opportunity for a great change to the galactic power structure. Over eighty percent of the "Warlords" declared indepedence as the Federation fleet was in the middle of their space. Unsure of the extent of the ill timed rebellion, the Federation landed a million soldiers each on twenty one systems. To their horror billions of hybrids poured from the ground and planetary defence systems opened fire on the Federation fleets. In a single day of battle there were almost thirty million reported deaths across both sides.

The Federation expeditionary fleet to the Theocracium was stopped dead in its tracks. The Warlords became the Ex-Federate Military, the new ruling power and in order to win support of its people, they re-instated the Tri-State government. Any Growar worlds who did not follow the rebellion were considered enemies, a policy the silent figurehead Tri-State did not agree with immediately.

Billions of soldiers and ships from the Federation were flown in to crush the Warlords in the greatest civil war the galaxy had witnessed. Ten thousand systems were under the control of the Warlords, while ten thousands were under the control of the Federation. Every strategically important world was equipped with an anti-bombardment system and a vast planetary defence network. Massive weapon stations with warp pulse cannons, temporal and implosion beams that had a power core sunk several hundred metres into the planetary crust. It made an orbitting fleet a sitting target, inflicting irreparable losses against the Federation.

As the civil war raged, the Vassal States revolted and invaded the Federation. Struck from all sides, the Federation military was incapable of keeping its borders closed to enemies. Erial forces devastated hundreds of worlds on one border while the battle went awry against the Ex-Federate Mlitary. Hundred of billions of losses finally took its toll on the Federation and its entire battle wavered and cracked under the pressure.

The Tri-State Resurrection

After the horrible atrocities commited by Ex-Federate Military, including micro-singularity shelling, ship rape, biological-infestation warfare and destroying non-rebel societies, the Tri-State gained power through a pseudo revolt in the ranks of the Ex-Federate Military and the populations under its influence. In deference to the people in order to maintain its victorious momentum against the Federation, the Ex-Federate Military acquiesced all political control to the Tri-State and instead become nothing more than its military wing.

However, after the Federation was pushed out of the hundred systems in Growar territory, the Ex-Federate Military was ordered to halt its advance. Portions from the Ex-Federate Military, ironically mostly from the pacifist world of Sulch, disobeyed and began a counterattack against the Federation. Their initial assault was utterly devastating, crushing a dozen systems in a single strike. As they began to subjugate and even mass murder the populace, the Tri-State council of social scientists unanimously declared them to be non-Growar and excommunicated from society. Such atrocity cannot ever be tolerated and while their power structure is such that this cannot be law, the feeling was reflected in the general populaces of the Growar societies. The Ex-Federate Military that had stayed behind felt their brothers had gone too far in their rage and stayed behind.

As system after system fell to enemies or were devastated by war, the Federation utterly collapsed. During this dark time, the Federation fleet sent against the Theocracium had arrived at its destination filled with a fury that none believed could exist in an AI entity. With their homeworld crushed under the heel of Vassal rebels all assumed their orbiting Mother Ark was destroyed in the battles. The AI fleet ordered its constituents to bombard every Theocracium world until nothing survived. When they were finished nothing but ash flitted over the barely terraformed desert planets.

Pacification Accords

Death tolls were well into the trillions, marking a devastation not been seen for millenia. The Tetrahedron Empire largely silent in the entire conflict had watched in horror each day as they saw their human brethen slaughter themselves against one another in bloody displays. However, as an Empire, the Tetrahedron was not designed for developing a peaceful unity in the galaxy. Instead, they opted for a much more imperial approach to peace.

The ruling family and advisors began a military campaign into the Erial Vassal states and after two major fleet battles, both largely victories for the fresh troops of the Empire, the Publica Remnant began negotiations. Within one month, the Empire drafted a treaty to be signed by all political bodies of the Milky Way Galaxy, called the Pacification Accords. In it, the treaty declares that never again is war allowed and this policy will be in large part enforced by the Empire until a more neutral arm can administrate it. The Publica Remnant uses its political influence as the resurrected Publica to get the Erial states to end the war, each as an indepedent nation and ratify the treaty.

The Federation collapsed prior to the drafting of the treaty, but some of its core worlds (and later, Lye system was a de facto part) reformed into the Commonwealth. A majority of the other systems became Independents, all of whom eagerly ratified the treaty. The Growar not wishing to experience war ever again and already realizing its indepedence had cost them a trillion people, signed the treaty. The only body not to ratify the Pacification Accord was the excommunicated Ex-Federate Military. They became known as the Ousters and held a dictatorial control over the dozen systems they conquered.

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