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Artifically Stabilized Negatively Charged Strangelet Bombs

According to the strange matter hypothesis, an object with a sufficient number of quarks may have strange quarks and retain stability. Typically, in normal matter, strange quarks are heavier than up and down quarks. This then causes particles to decay through weak radiation into lighter particles containing only up and down quarks. A strangelet or "strange nugget" is a hypothetical object, consisting of a bound state of roughly equal numbers of up, down, and strange quarks. This object could catalyze other normal matter into strange matter resulting in an ice-nine style disaster.

The Publica Remnant had developed in its laboratories the ability to artificially stabilize, for a period of time, strangelets. Moreover, with a negative-charge, the strangelet would not be repelled by the positively charged nuclei of atoms. They termed the strangelet to be "hot" when it continued to be capable of catalyzing normal matter into strange matter. The device would then technically be able to destroy entire planets by converting them into hot lumps of strange matter.

The use of these weapons by the Theocracium devastated over twelve planets through its quick catalysis of matter. Deployment of the weapon involved using a large freighter sized starship parked in low orbit over a planet. The ship activated the stabilization device which then created a number of magnetically contained macroscopic strangelet particles. These would be fired via simple magnetic rail deployment to disperse across the atmosphere of the planet. Resulting devastation would spread throughout the planet and contaminate large swathes of the continents within seconds. The Theocracium usually "salted" the Strangelet catalysts with negative matter warheads. The warheads would help penetrate the planetary crust and disrupt local gravity to hamper rescue efforts.

The bombs had multiple unexpected side effects including the disruption of space-time flunctuations on the surface of affected planets. As well, the Commonwealth worked desperately in the early years of its inception to build great arrays of electrostatic shell arrays around affected planets to prevent any further strange matter contamination extending from the planets. These efforts would last until the strange matter weapons "cooled" and recolonization efforts were begun by Lye emigrants. The most notable recolonization by Lye emigrants was Earth when they transplanted sentient bottlenose dolphins into Earth's oceans.

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