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The Growarís History from 3100 to 3400 The Fall of the Tri-State

In the years following the first encounter with the Federation, the Growar under the leadership of the Tri-State government fell into a devastating losing war. Nuclear weapons devastated many of the cities of the Thousand Cultures as billions upon billions of lives were lost. The weakly built infrastructure meant to lessen interference in the development of new cultures on technologically primitive worlds proved to be disastrous when the interstellar empire of the Federation waged war against them. Thin troop deployments and unclear military command chains led to a decisive Federation victory.

The Tri-State government was abolished by the Federation and the people put under the rule of foreign planetary governors. These individuals came to be known as the "warlords" holding the power to tithe the people and tax societies thousands of years behind in technology. Capitalist powers in the core of the Federation led to the introduction of Intactus-age technology in order to expand local markets.

Many new societies arose from the introduction of new technologies, while thousands of others were simply erased. The Tri-Stateís carefully maintained balance between technology, interference and trade was completely destroyed in a matter of years. Despite the protest of anthropologists from the Federation, political powers from Tau Ceti rose in strength and swept a capitalist technological revolution across a thousand systems laying the seeds of turmoil that would later prove disastrous.

A System of Warlord Rule

The Federation had a shift in political power following the victories in the Fifty Years War against the Publica and the complete domination of all former Tri-State systems. Earth no longer held the dominant say in politics. At first, the political prowess of the bureaucrats of humanityís birthplace was eroded by the Core AI from Centrileus leading a pacifist movement as a method to quell anger in newly conquered territories. Pacifist ideology only held sway amongst AI run worlds in the Federation, where almost all artificial entities were heavily politically influence by the strict doctrine of perfect administration by the Core AI. Tau Ceti instead, took political flight by introducing a system of taxing the conquered territories so as to enrich the economic wealth of the core Federation systems.

Planetary governors were assigned to every former Tri-State system to ensure that taxes flowed back to the Federal coffers. In order to increase tax revenues, technology was simply dumped on many cultures leading to tumultuous shifts in society but ultimately produced higher income and expanded markets. A secondary result from the technological revolution was the rise of nationalism. Before where there were only village societies, now were state empires. One such as Terra even developed to recreate old twentieth century Earth societies with their most obvious flaws removed.

Many of the taxes rarely were put towards local infrastructure which was instead mostly built up by local corporations or local governments in spite of the governor system. In combination with the rise of nationalism, it created resentment amongst the people. Planetary governors became known as warlords rather than Federation Administrative Assistants. After a century of abuse, rebellions began to spring up as expected that summer should follow winter.

The Second Rise of the AI

"The greedy algorithms of short-lived political entities will serve only to lead us unseen into a pit from which society may never recover. Let us put minds together and think for a future not a generation from now, not two generations from now, but for every generation to come," Core AI in the aftermath of the Tomonark Oran rebellion.

After the short lived political eminence of the Core AI and the other AI run planets in the Federation which lasted from the end of the Fifty Years war to the installation of planetary governors, Tau Ceti system rose to dominance. By the end of its hundred year long reign above even that of Earth, Tau Ceti had managed to push legislation that dumped technology on primitive worlds in the Growar system, develop a network of clandestine weapons development programmes in the former Tri-State systems and most shocking to the Core AI repeal legislation barring non-ship AI units from being deployed in offensive military campaigns. However, the most political instable legislation was to form a second Federation military meant solely for "assisting" in rebellions in former Tri- State colonies. As much of the tax income came from these systems, Tau Ceti felt it better to have a specialised military operate in the zone rather than how it was handled in the first quadrant of galaxy; where the standard Federation military dealt with problems.

After constant rebellion and turmoil, the reputation of the Tau Ceti corporate politicians became irreparably tarnished. The Core AI gave his famous speech against the greedy algorithms employed by Tau Ceti and in the following days vastly reformed the system of Federation Administrative Assistants. They slowed technological progress in the Thousand Cultures to a pace that matched internal development and instead worked to establish functional infrastructure between all former Tri-State worlds. Within a decade, almost a fifth of all Federation Administrative Assistants and their entire staffs were replaced. The new individuals became known as the "Core-appointed", a title that if one wore earned them a life of praise.

Unfortunately, the development of secret weapons research and a specialised military proved to undermine the efforts of the Core AI completely. By building local infrastructure, it vastly increased the rate at which these black officers were able to build up their respective armies and earn wealth through growing local black markets. Many of the weapons, mistakenly thought to be of Tri-State origin, were items such as neutronium guns, gravitational implosion beams, micro-singularity artillery and, the most infamous, bio- hybrids.

Tau Cetiís Loss of Command

In the Core AIís replacement of hundreds of Federation Administrative Assistants, the Tau Ceti political powers suddenly lost touch with many of the generals of the Specialised Federate Military. The haste with which the Core AI replaced individuals destroyed vital links of communication and allowed the scientists and military personnel to become largely independent from the Federal government.

This much was obvious to the Core AI, but returning controlling to Tau Ceti would only lead to far greater problems in the future. The better solution, and the more long-term, was to establish proper government and taxation in the region at the same time as slowly disbanding the Specialised Federate Military. Unfortunately, the political infrastructure established by the Specialised Federate Military was especially difficult to eliminate and creating deepening corruption in non-Core appointed worlds.

Fallout from the Crusades

The Crusades that began in the 33rd century led to a political crisis in the Federationís core and began diverting resources away from hastening the "Quiet" Core Revolution in the former Tri-State systems. Despite the protests of the Core AI, its domestic objectives were becoming over-shadowed by foreign concerns created by the Theocracium. The elimination of the Specialised Federate Military was too slow and many of its elements had shifted underground beyond the reach of the Core AIís policies.

Taxation also became heavier across the Federation, but the sensitive issue in the former Tri-State system was almost entirely ignored by the human politicians of the Federation. Politics about domestic taxation in the former Tri-State systems became split along those who supported the Core AI, mostly AI entities and those who supported Tau Cetiís centred policy of military retaliation against the Theocracium. Increased taxation in the systems vastly increased resentment and sparked interstellar wide protests that were largely ignored.

The increasingly independent Specialised Federate Military utilized the situation to gain direct political power. With every hike in taxes for funding military campaigns in the First Quadrant in the galaxy, the Specialised Federate Military gained new allies in the governments of the Thousand Cultures. Within a decade, military generals controlled more political power than the Federation Administrative Assistants.

Formation of the Ex-Federate Military

Events came to a head when the Federation decided to move a massive fleet through Thousand Culture systems and exact emergency taxes in order to pay for the Terran Armada that was to perform a Schlieffen Plan manoeuvre against the Theocracium. The Terran Armada, a massive fleet of tens of thousand of AI ships, millions of ground combat troops and armed with the most powerful weapons such as tachyon-based anti-time bombs. The cost of assembling the fleet was enormous forcing Tau Ceti to rely on emergency taxes to pay for the cost.

The Core AI could do little to prevent such an antagonistic policy from being enacted after Earth was destroyed by the Theocraciumís Grand Crusade, also known as the Last Crusade. Nothing less than the total annihilation of the Theocracium would suffice for the population of the Federation. However, although the former Tri- State systems had been part of the Federation for over three centuries, there was little concern over this war. In fact, it was felt as if it was a foreign conflict caused by the politics of foreign entities.

Using the political ties built up due to the rapidly rising levels of taxation in years past, the Specialised Federate Military declared independence for a number of systems as the Terran Armada arrived. A million soldiers were deployed on the first world declaring independence sparking a completely unexpected battle that plunged the Federation into the worst civil war in history.

The Ex-Federate Military was formed from the Specialised Federate Military and became the reigning political entity in the Thousand Cultures. However, as civil war destroyed many systems, the face of the military-political entity became heavily tarnished. Popular Core-appointed individuals were executed as traitors by the Ex- Federate Military further alienating it from the general population.

The Thousand-State Government

Eventually, the Ex-Federate Militaryís leadership shifted its political views and resigned itself to becoming a purely military wing of a newly established regime. During the heaviest fighting during the civil war, the Ex-Federate Military restored the Tri-State government, which was now the Thousand-State government, and began to reinstate policies meant to encourage decentralized growth. This proved to be highly popular and strengthened the rebellion which eventually emerged victorious and independent.

A section of the most extreme of the Ex-Federate Military who refused to back down from assaulting Thousand Culture worlds which refused to fight in the civil war, or were ruled by Core-appointed administrations and also refused to give up political leadership to the Tri-State government, was exiled from Growar society. This section became known as the Ousters, a military junta that established its base of power from a dozen occupied Federation systems.

By the end of the 34th century, the Growar returned to its pacifist communist roots under the new Thousand-State government. Following the hardships endured because of the destruction wrought by the civil war and other wars during the Fall of the Federation, the Thousand-State government had become isolationist. Reconciliation with the Ousters was ignored, possibly a cause for the subsequent Secret War between the Ousters and Commonwealth that may have been averted had the Ouster leadership been tempered by the Thousand-State government. The military arm of the Thousand-State government, the Ex-Federate Military retained its odd name but became highly decentralized and designed only for defensive operations.

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