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Circa 3500

The Period Overview

"Walk these Halls of the Dead and know them well.  Once you enter this war, or any other, your fate lies here," Triniton Evicdus, speaking on the Sacred Eternal Memorial, before sending the ‘sacrificed forces’ of the Commonwealth onto temporally ruined Earth.

The Secret War

After the catastrophic wars of the 35th century, the Pacification Accords, enforced by the powerful Tetrahedron Empire kept peace in the galaxy. The Commonwealth, a nation built from the surviving core worlds of the Federation was the most prominent figure promoting pacifism and peace. Their government felt that survival and peace were intricately intertwined. War was seen to be not simply wrong but a threat to all existence.

The Ousters, who were excommunicated from the Growar over their horrendous war tactics in the 35th century, were gripped by a new political and cultural view. Amongst their governance, they felt that the Thousand Cultures, the many worlds under the protection of the reorganized Tri-State and Ex-Federate Military, was theirs to protect. They called the Ouster faction the ‘True Shield of the Thousand Cultures’. It was theorized that the only proper way to protect the Thousand Cultures was through warfare, and the elimination of all foreign threats.

The Pacification Accords were the greatest obstacle for the Ousters to overcome. They were the sole faction who had not ratified the treaty. However, intelligence prevailed within their society and they discontinued the conflict when it was introduced, lest they be swept away under the military might of the Tetrahedrons. The Ousters wished an end to the Accord so that the other nations would eventually devolve into conflict for one reason to another. Such a situation would weaken foreigners and allow the Ousters to grow powerful. In the end, they viewed themselves, and the Thousand Cultures to be the sole survivors in the galaxy.

As they gained greater influence within the Ouster political rings, they pushed for a secret deployment of troops to a staging ground; Earth. The location was perfect because the temporal rifts across the planet’s surface, caused by the anti-gravity warhead that detonated in its atmosphere and killed everyone on the world, prevented scans from detecting their forces. Using cloaked transport ships, they could sneak in crossbreed forces and launch attacks from there to provoke other nations into rescinding the Accord and declaring war openly.

The Commonwealth, constantly paranoid of militant factions such as the Ousters, discovered the plot via their massive spy network. As war was seen to be such a undesirable solution to stop the Ousters from landing forces secretly on the Commonwealth planet of Earth, the government decided to fight a secret war. A fleet of ships carrying over a million elite infantry (orbital drop squads) was moved into Sol system and dropped onto Earth’s surface.

Neither side, having never attempted to land anything in the temporal rifts, knew that all of the forces deployed onto Earth could never be retrieved. The temporal rifts prevent any forces from withdrawing. Scans could not penetrate the distortions. The Commonwealth and the Ousters could only guess what battles ravaged the planet’s surface for the days that followed.

The secret war was kept hidden and with the de facto loss of several million infantry, the Ousters were severely crippled. It would take decades to rebuild the military force, and the local will to condone another such mission. The Commonwealth was able to uphold the Pacification Accords, but in the end they recorded over one million deaths.

Auxillary Information

It was said "You do not prevent your nation from entering war by entering into war," in the Commonwealth amongst those who knew of the Secret War. This was a paradox for the war weary Commonwealth. It would not be until 3700 when the technology was available to finally reverse the effects of the anti-gravity warhead. Archaeologists scoured Earth for its entire cultural heritage, and discovered much to the government’s shame the recorded lives of millions of soldiers from the Secret War. It was then, after it did not matter, that the Secret War was known publicly across the galaxy. The lives recorded brought a new sorrow tale to the horrors of war to the Commonwealth people.

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