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The vast cultures of the Growar encompass a great deal of peoples and one in particular is the Sulch. These people live near the frontier of Growar space and faced the full brutal attack of the Federation in 3100. The time period is long since over and the Sulch have managed to rebuild their lives and return to a culture of peace.

However, their position in space had led many Sulch during the 35th century to join the Ex-Federate Military. During the last horrific days of the war, most of the Sulch members of the Ex-Federate Military traveled with the First Expeditionary Force. The terrible campaign that followed led to the excommunication of the entire First Expeditionary Force and along with it many members of the Sulch community.

Since that time, the Sulch have sought to reconcile their social feelings about the long occupation by Federation forces throughout the 31st century to the 35th century. They have returned to their small farming communities, growing vegetables and fruits. The Ousters continue to wear Sulch styled clothing and readily mark themselves with symbols from the Sulch religion.

It is in fact, the Sulch religion that is the defining point of the society. The Sulch religion is based about the sculptures and scriptures found in a grand stone pyramid called the Dance of Agamus and Evalus. While, the Sulch on their homeworld have, throughout history, perceived the story of a demonic occupation of a powerful but peaceful society, to promote pacifism, meditation and logical thinking, the Ouster have taken it to mean that military force must be kept to keep away occupiers at all times. Agamus in the story was dressed as a demon for many parts and even depicted as a demon, although he is largely considered a good moral person in the story. The Ousters have taken this to heart and ensure that they always dress to appear as demons; bloodthirsty and hate-filled.

Sulch Religion: A Dance of Agamus and Evalus

First Etching

Dressed as demon, Agamus walked where lay Evalus fallen amongst a mound of bricks. She appeared before him with helm built of leaves and armour woven of feathers. One hand of the medic grasped a scalpel. The other was clenched as fist with slit wrist. Blood had seeped through her opened skin to stain the ground.

Evalus: Why do I not die?
Agamus: I cannot give you reasons, you must seek and create them your own.

Second Etching

Within darkened cells, moistened by mold and bathed in the light of fire, Agamus ruled as keeper of the cells. It was a life time since that Agamus, a son of the nation Deldrinous, held the position as captain of a valiant army. Agamus walked a well remembered path within the maze of dungeons. Below, metal grates had long ago shut their jaws to engulf the young women of Deldrinous. Agamous, with thoughts interwined with that of past battles, was approached unaware by one such captive let out of the dungeon for tests unforgivable by the demons.

Keli: Keeper of the cells, what reason brings you here?
Agamus: We had once the power of the suns, but we had let the demons overtake us. Now the former captains and commanders have been given positions of power under them.
Keli: Then, keeper of the cells, you direct their maze of dungeons for them?
Agamaus: We live and yet... (Agamus pauses peering over the child of no more than sixteen years, afflicted by the weapons of disease and pestilence) we have also died

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