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Circa 3700

The Period Overview

The Terraformers

"Called by the despairing cry of a billion lives lost, the terraformers' hearts were full with the sorrow and emerged. They walked upon the deserts of white fire and in their steps a thousand flowers awoke. As their passage flowed through the barrens a forest grew to grace their trail. Before them was new life and after them hope." Book of Reincarnation, scripture discovered on a Ouster-struck Independent world.

As time had passed since the Secret War, the Commonwealth worked to build a contingency plan if peace failed and war consumed the galaxy. Believing any future war to be too devastating for the galaxy to withstand, and thus ending humanity, they wished to maximize the possibility that humans could survive. Greatest possible survival was if even the smallest component of society, one person, could survive then all of society can spring forth again.

Using subatomic scale data compression, reprogrammable nano machinery, cybernetic, genetic and AI technology, the Terraformers were built. If any Terraformer survived an apoclyptic outbreak of war, they would be able to rebuild society. They carried all current scientific knowledge, historical data and cultural developments. This made the Terraformers a very powerful tool in humanity's survival.

The concept was realized as those in the political community knew that one cannot build a matter conversion foundry from sand. If human infrastructure was sufficiently damaged, technology would fall backward in time. A single surviving Terraformer with its nano machinery would be capable of rebuilding infrastructure at the technological level that was reached at the point of destruction. Thousands of years of redevelopment would be prevented.

However, the Terraformers realized their presence acted to soothe the nerves of the war-wary Commonwealth. In fact, with the ability to possible survive an apoclyptic war, it then became an actual reality to proceed with just such a war in the futile hope that the Terraformers would solve any grand mistakes they would make. This epiphany for the Terraformers led to their departure from the Commonwealth. Every Terraformer left the Commonwealth at once, taking with them the technological developments of the secret project, and proceeded into deep space where no one could find them. Although redevelopment of the Terraformer technology was inevitable, the secluded Terraformers ensured humanity’s redevelopment.

At the edge of the Commonwealth, where the Ousters and many Independent systems sat in relative peace since the great conflicts of 3400, a new philosophy began to take hold. The Ousters, believing themselves the true shield of the Thousand Cultures, again proceeded with new radical ideas to eradicate all threats to the Thousand Cultures. They began a campaign that was to be known amongst them as cost-effective genocide.

The Independent systems were filled with billions of former Federation humans, derivatives of the same cultures that originally occupied Growar space. Even though the Pacification Accords forbid any conflict, the Ousters knew that unprovoked assaults upon those worlds would be met with no resistance from the major galactic powers. The Commonwealth was too paranoid for an outbreak of war and the Tetrahedron Empire had fallen greatly from its original height of power when it first enforced the Accord.

The Ousters assembled a massive war fleet and proceeded to invade the Independent systems one by one. The attacks were similar each time. Millions of war ships would engulf the Independent state in a solar system wide battle, until the Ousters claimed dominance in the space warfare. Attacking from any possible vector through a break in Independent lines, the Ousters would send bombardment ships against the populated planets. A gravital pylon was fired on a planet that would slowly rotate it upon the axis so that the bombardment ship could fire on all targets across the planetary surface no matter its attack vector. In order to claim the world after world the gravital pylon was then deactivated, so that the planetary orbit was not adversely perturbed.

When the space and aerial defences failed for the Independent system, millions and perhaps billions of infantry, mostly non-human would perform an amphibious assault. Almost like a dark storm cloud descending across the entire planet at once, they would strike down any resistance and kill everyone on the planet. The Ousters might leave a few million alive in order to add to its forced labour pool, the world itself would be recolonized as an Ouster world.

At these dead worlds, the Terraformers appeared before the Ousters could recolonize them all. They rebuilt societies beginning from the local technological level, even if it meant starting again at the stone age. The Ousters did not stand for such action and moved their forces to attack the Terraformers. Several Ouster infantry units were killed by the Terraformers before the Commonwealth interceded upon the violent actions of the Ousters. Terraformers were still considered Commonwealth citizens by the Commonwealth head of states and thus it was an act of war to attack them.

Knowing the Commonwealth had already secured an alliance with the Publica Remnant to back its political power, the Ousters halted their genocide but held claim to whatever worlds they had managed to conquer and recolonize. Tens of billions had already died before their actions were stopped. Tensions remained high for many years afterward until the Ousters eventually demobilized for economic reasons.

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