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Circa 3800

The Period Overview

Era of Transcendence

"Question existence", Fermion, AI leader of Pyon.

Sulch Transcendence

Deep within the mossy green jungles of the Sulch homeworld, great and ancient Dance Temples stood silent. Monks studied the old scriptures and images that decorated the temple walls. However, as the centuries passed, scientists began to augment willing monks with mindworms. The symbiotic creatures bonded with the human mind to enhance intellectual capacity.

Mindworms had become a staple for every Sulch in an effort to gain a greater insight into life. A spiritual and ritualistic people, they flourished in philosophy and the arts during the 39th century. Still, they sought out deeper meaning, and turned to developing the sciences. Their curiosity was kept well in check by wisdom, giving them great leaps in science without many facing many of the pitfalls that other societies had succumbed.

The Commonwealth grew wary of the Sulch as they began to reach out to cultures, independent of both the Tri-State officials and the Ex-Federate Military. Sulch monks travelled as far as Pyon and Porta Remnant, but they also came to talk with the Ousters. The Ouster meetings were seen as the beginning of the militarization of the mindworms into weapons of war. Spies searched for signs that the mindworms were being built to mind control individuals, or steal memories, or other mind-related attacks.

Such evidence would never be found, but the Commonwealth suspicions did not wear away easily. The Sulch monks professed they were attempting to learn all philosophies of life so that they may meditate on a grand philosophy of life. Ousters seemed an unlikely candidate for such discussion, leaving every monk who travelled to Ouster territory a suspected weapons dealer.

With the Pacification Accord strictly enforced by the Empire, the Commonwealth did not dare take action against the Sulch, instead, they let their spy network grow. The Sulch remained peaceful as they were, although with almost a hundred thousand individuals spread across the stars, contemplating every philosophy in existence. As the Commonwealth civil war broke out, the Sulch continued to travel to affected areas.

During the final hours of the civil war, as Pyon activated project Singularity, many Sulch monks decided to leave for Pyon. Millions boarded transports that sped their way into Pyon space. As they approached the planet, the Commonwealth mistook the ships as military ground personnel reinforcements from the Sulch and sent boarding parties to attack. Thousands died before project Singularity finally activated and every person within the region of space attached to project Singularity disappeared.

Pyon Transcendence

In the 39th century, the Independent system of Pyon had grown into a close relationship with a dozen systems around it, forming a strong trade and science pact. New Madras and Kausis were among the systems included wthin the pact. The alliance was viewed rather neutrally by the Commonwealth and Empire, but a later incident would spur them into motion.

Late into the night on the Pyon homeworld, a great energy spike was detected, and a giant column of energy raced into the sky. It struck through space to engulf the moon in white energy. In one instant there was the most brilliant display of light, and in the next, the moon disappeared. It would be a pivotal moment for the world.

The Commonwealth discovered project Singularity, a decades long scientific endeavour headed by the Pyon AI leader, Fermion. The entire dozen systems had been participating in the project and to the Commonwealth, it was now obvious it was weapons research. Developing new strategic weapons, while not banned under the Pacification Accord (which only bans open armed conflict), meant a serious blow to the peace maintained for centuries in the galaxy.

Not knowing the situation, the Commonwealth decided to confront Pyon on the scientific research. However, Fermion feared that sharing any research outside of the dozen systems that he had apparently meticulously picked to form a science pact, was too dangerous. He was unspecific with the purpose of the discovered project and refused to share any information. The Commonwealth responded with embargoes and travel restrictions.

The Commonwealth systems included in the alliance complained, but Tau Ceti using its political prowess overlooked their arguments against the embargoes. Pyon largely ignored the proceedings in the nation and continued research into the mysterious project. Pyon had, in fact, ignored the situation so well that when Commonwealth ships entered the Pyon system for war, Fermion had not even known civil war had raged for three months in the Commonwealth. When an advisor had said, "The Commonwealth come to war with us," Fermion responded only with "How primitive."

Pyon military forces used far superior technology to hold back the Commonwealth, but they were fighting a losing battle. In the final hours of the conflict, as ground forces approached the capital city, project Singularity was activated. In that instant, every single Singularity project member system and people disappeared. Only several stations filled with people were left behind, those who did not wish to be involved in the final activation. It is not known what had happened to those systems or people. The disappearance was so sudden, ground forces and boarding parties were thrown into open space.

Commonwealth Civil War

Over the years, Pyon had built a close relationship with eight Commonwealth systems leading into a scientific and trade pact. These worlds worked closely together. All of them collaborated on project Singularity, a secretive research endeavour of unknown purpose.

The Pyon incident occurred during the 39th century when a massive eruption of energy shot off as a beam from the Pyon homeworld and engulfed their moon. For the few seconds it appeared, it created light visible throughout the solar system with the naked eye. As it disappeared, so did the Pyon moon it had washed in white energy. The Commonwealth, especially Tau Ceti and Centrileus, feared a new weapon was being constructed and tied it to project Singularity.

While Commonwealth spies were never able to penetrate into Pyon and determine the exact function and purpose of project Singularity, the Commonwealth moved to demand answers officially from the world. The Pyon leader, Fermion, flatly refused to sharing any information on any scientific endeavours to individuals that were too "primitive". The anger percolated through the Commonwealth core systems, except New Madras which was part of the Pyon scientific pact.

Tau Ceti and Centrileus, using their extraordinary political powers began to isolate Pyon from the Commonwealth, at the expense of support of New Madras and the other Pyon pact allies. Fringe systems reacted harshly to the sanctions and trade embargoes slowly building up against Pyon. The systems felt Tau Ceti and Centrileus overreacted to the situation and were abusing their geographically situated power.

Repeated political gestures were unable to lift the sanctions or embargoes leading the fringe systems trading with Pyon to simply break them. When Commonwealth spies determined only several months were left before project Singularity reached completion, Tau Ceti and Centrileus decided upon taking an immediate course of action. Commonwealth systems were physically blockaded by hyperspace interdictors and small armed fleets.

Political powers within New Madras staged a marine assault on a hyperspace interdictor so that the more pacifist elements of the society could hyperspace past the armed fleets and travel to Pyon with scientific information. The Ceti Forces consequently opened fire upon New Madrasi ships. Within days, a civil war had erupted with the seven fringe systems and the one core system pitted against the hundreds of other Commonwealth systems.

The Commonwealth systems concentrated on damaging or disabling the hyperspace interdictors before reinforcements could arrive. Once down, they secretly evacuated all scientific personnel and equipment to Pyon. When Ceti Military Corporation forces and Centrileus Core Military arrived, space forces attempted to keep combat away from populated areas. Fleets were overrun easily and resorted to hiding and retreating. Tau Ceti guessed that the systems were only attempting to buy time for Pyon. It took three months before main Commonwealth forces forced each rebel fleet into a devastating battle. The systems immediately surrendered to avoid any further civilian casualties on the condition that the Commonwealth not land ground forces.

The Commonwealth fleets battled against Pyon forces for the next three months. Pyon’s vastly superior technology, when turned to military purposes, far outmatched anything that the Commonwealth used. However, Commonwealth forces were much more adept in military tactics allowing them to outsmart superior Pyon technology. At the end of the third month, Commonwealth ground forces were encroaching upon the Pyon capital city. The planetary shielding and the city shielding had all been disable or destroyed leaving the Pyon people unprotected.

The leader of Pyon decided to activate project Singularity at this point, which had completed unbeknownst to the Commonwealth forces. A wave of distortion spread out from the part of the galaxy passing through each system in the Pyon pact. Every planet, star, satellite and starship disappeared in a single flash. So sudden was the disappearance that the Commonwealth ground forces were thrown into space. It is not known what had happened to the Pyon pact systems or people.

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