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The Future of Society

As technological complexity continues to increase it is entirely possible that humans are unable to learn enough, quickly enough in order to either advance technology further or know too small a subset and understand nothing overall.


"Learning without thought is labour lost; thought without learning is perilous.", Confucius, Ancient Philosopher.

In the future, humans may refit themselves through bio engineering, hybridize with other alien or manufactured species in order to increase their physical prowess. In so doing they are more capable of understanding society, life and nature. With an enhanced ability to retain and learn new knowledge it is possible for humans to enter into a new society that is better.


"The human mind is wild and chance-seeking, the AI is meticulous and logical. What power there would be if they should be together", Farah Shishakli, 29th century Federation cyberneticist.

Coupling themselves with Ai or similar technology humans could propel themselves into a fury of technology development at a rate approaching infinty. This technological singularity brings about great science and this science in turn leads to the abundant wealth of resources per person. Starvation, disease, strife are all unnecessary as economics has become a myth as resources are no longer scarce. Each human in effect has become a god.


"Our forms demand food, water, power and raw materials. Our economics gives us scarcity. Our classical laws bound us to locality.", Fermion, AI leader of Pyon.

If our method of existance precludes us to a society of particular woes then it is entirely possible that a particular or a variety of form would allow us a society void of these woes. Should we become inter-dimensional beings, creatures of pure energy or enter into other forms of existence, we render the obstacles to a utopian society an obsolete idea.

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